Improvised music to support Intensive Interaction for children with complex needs: A feasibility study of brief adjunctive music therapy

I have recently been alerted to a new research paper by Music Therapist Dr John Strange. The paper reports on a quantitative research study that is worthy of further consideration. 

US corporation takes £50 million ‘dividend’ from its UK care services

In a recent edition of Private Eye, they ran a story about Cygnet Health Care, a private company that runs residential and care services across the UK, stating that it is ‘entirely publicly funded by the NHS and local councils. Patients with learning difficulties in its care were slapped, kicked and abused. And now its ownersContinue reading “US corporation takes £50 million ‘dividend’ from its UK care services”

Is what I am doing Intensive Interaction or not?

So, how do I know if I am doing Intensive Interaction with a person?
For my Blog this week I am reproducing a slightly abridged section of the FAQs document from the Intensive Interaction ‘Adult Services Documents’ and ‘Curriculum Documents for Schools’ packs.

30 Years of Intensive Interaction Research

This Blog revisits the first published Intensive Interaction research paper (that is now nearly 30 years old) – illustrating just how long-standing and well-established Intensive Interaction research now is.

Researching Intensive Interaction: which ‘outcomes’ are the most important, and for who?

In this week’s Blog, Graham Firth tries to unpick some of the complex issues around researching Intensive Interaction, most specifically what ‘outcomes’ (and whose ‘outcomes’) should be considered important, and the potential difficulties such considerations can bring.

A Welcome Blog From Graham Firth

A welcoming Blog from Graham Firth: in his first Blog on the new ‘Connecting with Intensive Interaction’ website, Graham Firth sets out a few (admittedly quite vague) plans for the future development of the site … and invites new contributors to write their own Blogs!

The importance of social interaction in learning and development

With the issue of children being kept out of school being currently debated, and trying not to take sides on how and when all children will be allowed back into their classrooms, I have revisited some of the work of educational theorist Dr Barbara Rogoff.  From Rogoff’s point of view a child’s individual cognitive development is ’embedded in theContinue reading “The importance of social interaction in learning and development”

Intensive Interaction and Positive Psychology – an article by Jana Standford

I was recently in some discussion with a psychologist who was wanting to look at Intensive Interaction from a ‘therapeutic’ and positive psychology perspective. I was then reminded of a article we published in our Intensive Interaction Newsletter (Issue 35) by Jana Stanford who was then working in a voluntary capacity for our Leeds &Continue reading “Intensive Interaction and Positive Psychology – an article by Jana Standford”