The ‘Differentiation and Integration Phase’ of Intensive Interaction: the ‘Pros and Cons’?

The ‘Differentiation and Integration Phase’ of Intensive Interaction -the ‘Pros and Cons’? Following on from my last Blog, I will now try to set out my thinking about any potential ‘Pros and Cons’ of a ‘Differentiation and Integration Phase’ of the Intensive Interaction journey.
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‘Gary’s Story: Parents doing Intensive Interaction’

For my Blog this week I am posting selected comments from ‘Gary’s Story: Parents doing Intensive Interaction’ by Beth Taylor and Steve Taylor – taken from the 1998 book ‘Interaction in Action’. Follow the link for more:

Q: Do you have any good quotes about Intensive Interaction? … A: Yes!!

Over many years I have collected a number of quotes and thoughts about Intensive Interaction. So I thought I would use this Blog to share them. Follow this link to see a selection of them…

Intensive Interaction, emotional development and emotional well-being: by Melanie Nind

For my blog this week I am summarising a chapter from the book ‘Intensive Interaction: Theoretical Perspectives’ (Ed: Hewett, D. 2011) by Professor Melanie Nind: ‘Intensive Interaction, emotional development and emotional well-being’

Transactional Roles and Responsibilities … and Intensive Interaction

In this, my latest Blog, I share a useful adaptation of a training slide on defining ‘transactional roles and responsibilities’. Read on for more information …

Thinking about the ‘Topic’ of Intensive Interactions.

Thinking about the ‘Topic’ of Intensive Interactions … an interesting issue taken from the paper ‘Understanding the importance of the Partner in Communication Development for Individuals with Sensory and Multiple Disabilities’. Read on for more …

‘Intensive Interaction: an evaluation of two different recording formats’

‘Intensive Interaction: an evaluation of two different recording formats’ – a study looking at the introduction of two different Intensive Interaction paper recording systems in a UK special school. Read on for more…

Improvised music to support Intensive Interaction for children with complex needs: A feasibility study of brief adjunctive music therapy

I have recently been alerted to a new research paper by Music Therapist Dr John Strange. The paper reports on a quantitative research study that is worthy of further consideration. 

‘Silent Minority’ TV documentary … the 40th anniversary

The TV documentary ‘Silent Minority’ was first shown on British TV 40 years ago this week – it perhaps did more than anything else to evidence the degrading and inhuman living conditions suffered by many people with learning disabilities in large scale institutional care at the time.
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30 Years of Intensive Interaction Research

This Blog revisits the first published Intensive Interaction research paper (that is now nearly 30 years old) – illustrating just how long-standing and well-established Intensive Interaction research now is.