Transactional Roles and Responsibilities … and Intensive Interaction

In this, my latest Blog, I share a useful adaptation of a training slide on defining ‘transactional roles and responsibilities’. Read on for more information …

Thinking about the ‘Topic’ of Intensive Interactions.

Thinking about the ‘Topic’ of Intensive Interactions … an interesting issue taken from the paper ‘Understanding the importance of the Partner in Communication Development for Individuals with Sensory and Multiple Disabilities’. Read on for more …

The ‘Efficacy of Intensive Interaction’ … 25 years on from Melanie Nind’s ground-breaking Intensive Interaction research paper.

For my Blog this week I look back at Melanie Nind’s ground-breaking paper on the ‘Efficacy of Intensive Interaction’, published 25 years ago.

An analysis of the Intensive Interaction ‘Strengths’

As part of the current organisational changes taking place at the Intensive Interaction Institute, we have been asked to contribute to a SWOT analysis (SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). I thought it might be useful to share my contribution on our approach’s identifiable ‘Strengths’ …

US corporation takes £50 million ‘dividend’ from its UK care services

In a recent edition of Private Eye, they ran a story about Cygnet Health Care, a private company that runs residential and care services across the UK, stating that it is ‘entirely publicly funded by the NHS and local councils. Patients with learning difficulties in its care were slapped, kicked and abused. And now its ownersContinue reading “US corporation takes £50 million ‘dividend’ from its UK care services”