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Below is a collection of various blogs by Graham Firth, covering a variety of topic areas and issues associated with the theory and practice of Intensive Interaction.

A direct link between sociability and sensory processing disorder?

I was recently notified of a paper: Fotoglou, A. et al (2023) ‘Sociability: The key to sensory processing disorder’, Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 2 (No.1), p. 82-97. The paper sets out evidence to support a direct link between sociability and sensory processing disorder. Read on for more information …

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Robbie Gordon: an obituary

I was recently pointed to The Guardian’s ‘Other Lives’ obituary section by my friend Dave Hewett. He sent me a link to the obituary of Robbie Gordon … please read on.

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The ‘double empathy problem’

My Blog this week focuses on the ‘The Double Empathy Problem’ – a description of the ‘breakdown in reciprocity and mutual understanding that can happen between people with very differing ways of experiencing the world.’ The Blog is based on the work of Dr Damian Milton.

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An analysis of the Intensive Interaction ‘Strengths’

As part of the current organisational changes taking place at the Intensive Interaction Institute, we have been asked to contribute to a SWOT analysis (SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). I thought it might be useful to share my contribution on our approach’s identifiable ‘Strengths’ …

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US corporation takes £50 million ‘dividend’ from its UK care services

In a recent edition of Private Eye, they ran a story about Cygnet Health Care, a private company that runs residential and care services across the UK, stating that it is ‘entirely publicly funded by the NHS and local councils. Patients with learning difficulties in its care were slapped, kicked and abused. And now its owners are getting a £50m dividend.’ ( According to Private Eye, the £50 million dividend was paid to the US parent company using a well-recognised tax avoidance mechanism of paying interest on a ‘loan’ to another part of the same company to make sure the company…

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‘Silent Minority’ TV documentary … the 40th anniversary

The TV documentary ‘Silent Minority’ was first shown on British TV 40 years ago this week – it perhaps did more than anything else to evidence the degrading and inhuman living conditions suffered by many people with learning disabilities in large scale institutional care at the time. Read on for more…

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Is what I am doing Intensive Interaction or not?

So, how do I know if I am doing Intensive Interaction with a person? For my Blog this week I am reproducing a slightly abridged section of the FAQs document from the Intensive Interaction ‘Adult Services Documents’ and ‘Curriculum Documents for Schools’ packs.

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30 Years of Intensive Interaction Research

This Blog revisits the first published Intensive Interaction research paper (that is now nearly 30 years old) – illustrating just how long-standing and well-established Intensive Interaction research now is.

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