Intensive Interaction Research

This page contains accessible summaries of a broad range of the published Intensive Interaction research papers

Below are set out accessible summaries from over 40 published Intensive Interaction research papers which provide clear and robust evidence of the observable and therefore measurable outcomes of Intensive Interaction, which include:

  • increased social anticipation, initiation and/or engagement
  • increased toleration of, or responsiveness to physical proximity
  • increased levels of contingent smiling
  • increased levels of eye contact or looking at another person’s face
  • increased use of vocalisation
  • increased levels of socially significant physical contact
  • improved levels of joint attention

You can explore particular categories of research e.g., with children or adult participants, or other significant research, by using the search filter below to see the summaries of each particular paper.

Download a copy of the Intensive Interaction Published Research Summaries here:

The summaries included on this webpage were completed with the kind help of Lydia Bickley, Natalie Clark, Gemma Denby, Karen Egerton, Ella Goodworth, Ben Green, Petya Grigorova, Nick Guthrie, Tendayi Guzha, Stephen Howell, Catherine Leeming, Alex Puchala, Rochelle Rose, Anna Sampson, Vishal Sharma, Helen Simpson, Alex Straughan and Kate Tangri.

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