Intensive Interaction as a proactive strategy to reduce behaviours that may challenge

‘Can adults on the autism spectrum be affected positively by the use of intensive interaction in supported living services?’ – Yes, and here’s some evidence!

The use of Intensive Interaction within a Positive Behavioural Support framework

Following on from my previous Blog on the ‘Differentiation and Integration Phase’ of Intensive Interaction, I thought I would share a summary of a research paper to illustrate my contention i.e. that Intensive Interaction is now increasingly being used within or alongside other educational, health or care approaches. Read on for more …

‘Being with’ and ‘making psychological contact’ through Intensive Interaction

In this Blog I write about the parallels of Intensive Interaction and Person Centred Therapy. Read on for more …

Intensive Interaction and Positive Psychology – an article by Jana Standford

I was recently in some discussion with a psychologist who was wanting to look at Intensive Interaction from a ‘therapeutic’ and positive psychology perspective. I was then reminded of a article we published in our Intensive Interaction Newsletter (Issue 35) by Jana Stanford who was then working in a voluntary capacity for our Leeds &Continue reading “Intensive Interaction and Positive Psychology – an article by Jana Standford”