Q: Do you have any good quotes about Intensive Interaction? … A: Yes!!

Recently there was a request posted on the Intensive Interaction Users’ Facebook page by someone seeking ‘a good quote or thought around intensive interaction‘ to include in a school publication. In reply I posted a few, but as over the years I have collected many more quotes and thoughts, I thought I would use a Blog to share more of them more widely. So, in no particular order, here are a selection of them:

‘The difference between participation and compliance is at the very core of the Intensive Interaction approach…’Adrian Kennedy (LDP article, 2001).

Through Intensive Interaction, we can shift our vision of our sons and daughters from impaired versions of us to fulfilled versions of themselves’ – Anonymous Intensive Interaction trainee, Australia.

By spending time with someone [using Intensive Interaction] we are valuing them: respecting them and meeting their basic human need to make meaningful and satisfying relationships, which is central for a decent quality of life’ – Dr Ruth Berry (‘Understanding Intensive Interaction: context and concepts for professional and families’, p.124/5).

Things gain meaning by being used in a shared experience or joint action’ – John Dewey, American philosopher and educator (1859-1952).

Discovering Intensive Interaction was not a revelation for me, it was more like a confirmation of the way I had always felt comfortable working, but suddenly I had a name and an explanation’Debbie Evans (Intensive Interaction Newsletter, Issue 15).

Communication does more than enable us to survive.  It is the way, indeed the only way we learn who we are… our sense of identity comes from the way we interact with other people’ – R. A. Adler & G. R. Rodman (‘Understanding Human Communication’, 2006).

‘What we’ve been introduced to this week is amazing. Everything that we were told did work, although I had had doubts. My opinion has completely changed. I feel like I’ve been witness to something special and am very grateful to have had that opportunity’Anonymous student volunteer reporting on their use of Intensive Interaction (in Zeedyk et al (2009) ‘Fostering social engagement in Romanian children with communicative impairments’).

Intensive Interaction is a way of working with students that gives both teacher and student the freedom to be themselves, explore the means by which we can relate to each other and discover pathways of communication, the cornerstone of all learning’ – Gillian Stewart (Oz II Newsletter, Issue 1).

‘Intensive Interaction isgiving people the opportunity to have a conversation… using their form of communication, whatever it may be’Anonymous care-staff research respondent (2004).

Tell me, and I may forget; show me and I may remember; Involve me, and I will understand’Confucius (450 BC) as quoted by Dr Peter Coia (Intensive Interaction Conference, 2008).

‘You can’t overstate the importance of communication, without it you can’t interact, and without interactions you can’t have a relationship, and without a relationship I don’t think one can have a life of any real sort’ – Clinical Psychologist (in Berry et al (2014), ‘Clinical Psychologists’ views of Intensive Interaction as an Intervention in Learning Disability Services’).

‘Intensive Interaction is a rare modern phenomenon in that it has been discovered from practice, researched and then shared without the firm controls about who can use, teach and research the approach’ – Cath Irvine (RCSLT Bulletin, 2001).

I have days when I go home happy after a hand squeeze is returned… recognition of being involved in human communication, that thing which surely brings us all the most happiness’ –Christine Smith (The Intensive Interaction Newsletter, Issue 5).

‘Learning, whatever else it may be, is an interactive process in which people learn from each other, and not just by showing and telling’ Jerome Bruner ( ‘Culture, Mind and Education’, 1996).

‘It [Intensive Interaction] is just one time a week I can rely upon as being important. It keeps all other things in perspective. It is an essential reminder that the learners are central to all we do.’ Pete Vickers (Intensive Interaction Newsletter, Issue 10).

So many thanks to all those many people who have unwittingly contributed to my collection; I hope you find something of interest among them. Please feel free to use them in any way that may help get Intensive Interaction ‘out there’ to every single person who can and will ultimately benefit from its use.

p.s. Why don’t you join us in the worldwide Intensive Interaction community of over 6,000 at ‘Intensive Interaction Users’ Facebook Group?

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