Robbie Gordon: an obituary

I was recently pointed to The Guardian’s ‘Other Lives’ obituary section by my friend Dave Hewett. He sent me a link to the obituary of Robbie Gordon (the link is below).

According to Robbies’ mum and dad, Ruth and Peter, ‘Intensive Interaction was such an important part of Robbie’s life that it had to be included. We hope what we’ve said does justice to you and your work, and brings more people to it.’

Ruth and Peter wrote an intensely honest and moving chapter (under pseudonyms) in the book ‘Interaction in Action’* about their early times with Robbie. It is still a powerful and enlightening story, the reading of which would benefit many other people in similar circumstances; and the rest of us more generally. As they say in his obituary:

‘Intensive Interaction allowed Robbie to be Robbie, helping us to love and discover him, and allowing him to be relaxed and happy. Robbie learned not just to accept our presence, but to be able to receive and show love to us‘. 

We have so much we can learn from Robbie, and from Ruth and Peter, and the insights they can teach us from the perspective of their shared lives and experiences.

So, do please do read and then point others to Robbie’s story, now told in such sad circumstances. I think it is the least we can do to acknowledge his significant contribution to our collective understanding of the most important things in life.

*Hewett, D. & Nind, M. (Eds) (1998) ‘Interaction in Action’. David Fulton Publishers.

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