A Welcome Blog From Graham Firth

Last week we launched our new ‘Connecting with Intensive Interaction’ website and we have been delighted by the positive feedback, and volume of visitors from so many different countries worldwide. It was a good reminder of how our Intensive Interaction community continues to spread out across the globe.

This week I am writing a short welcome Blog for those people who have already found us – some of whom have already signed up to get notifications of our new content, like this welcome Blog, delivered directly to their email inbox. Thank you for doing that!

But we don’t think that the development of this website is anywhere near finished. Over the coming months, we plan to further develop the site by adding new links and material, and I also plan to publish a new blog every couple of weeks.

But I don’t want this site to just host blogs looking at Intensive Interaction from my own perspective; so, I would also like other people to post ‘guest Blogs’ from their many different Intensive Interaction perspectives.

So, if you think that you are someone who could write an interesting piece about your experiences of using Intensive Interaction, as a parent or family member, as a carer or a teacher, as a therapist or health professional, then we would like to hear from you, and hear your story!

So, if you are such a someone … someone who could usefully contribute to a wider understanding of Intensive Interaction across its many care or therapeutic or educational contexts, then I invite you to contact me at g.s.r.firth@gmail.com.

p.s. Remember – you can sign-up for email notifications of all new posts at the bottom of the home page – please join our growing community!

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