‘Intensive Interaction Week’ from 17th October 2022

I am using this blog to share the news that the Intensive Interaction Institute has now announced that ‘Intensive Interaction Week 2022‘, will be the week commencing Monday 17th October 2022. Intensive Interaction Week is a now annual week when people from across the world collectively do something ‘a bit extra‘ to promote the Intensive Interaction approach, and its life-enhancing outcomes.

Intensive Interaction Week is a special week when we can all join together in being loud and proud of our fantastic work, with some truly wonderful people, and with the unstinting support of a brilliant community of fellow practitioners.

On previous Intensive Interaction weeks people from across the world have:

  • posted photos and videos online to illustrate their Intensive Interaction practices
  • organised special Intensive Interaction ‘taster’ information or dissemination events in schools or services
  • hosted informal/drop-in Intensive Interaction Cafes or coffee mornings for parents and /or carers new to the approach; even doing something called an Intensive Interaction ‘Flash Mob’ gathering (sounds great!)
  • posted or shared special Intensive Interaction related Blogs or other online postings with illustrative photos or video
  • organised special showings of Intensive Interaction videos at various types of events or meetings at schools, homes, services, universities, etc
  • organised special Regional Support Group Meetings and invited new people along
  • Some have even posted out real paper letters and/or sent out emails about Intensive Interaction to policymakers and politicians (local and national)

So, as previously, during this week we would like members of our worldwide Intensive Interaction community to join us in doing something a bit extra to show off the fantastic work they do, alongside the fantastic people they work with and care for.

So please show, tell, visit, invite, host, meet, train, discuss, engage, facilitate, blog, vlog (whatever that is), tweet, post, write, display, broadcast, and/or present something special to help even more people become better informed about Intensive Interaction.

Also during this week, we should try to go outside our usual groups of committed fellow community members and reach out to other people not previously involved with Intensive Interaction e.g. uniformed or sceptical colleagues, friends and family members, social media contacts, managers (at all levels), directors and board members, trustees, councillors and other representatives, community leaders, politicians, online influencers (who/what?), policymakers, and anyone else who ought to be more informed about Intensive Interaction.

Finally, please remember to share all your Intensive Interaction Week stories with everyone else on the ‘Intensive Interaction Users’ Facebook page at:


Please let’s try to make it the best Intensive Interaction Week yet!

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