‘Journeys into Intensive Interaction’ (The 2022 II Conference) … and why you need to attend!

On Monday 20th June 2022 the Intensive Interaction Institute will be hosting their now annual ‘Virtual’ Intensive Interaction Conference (we also did one last year!). We have chosen the title ‘Journeys into Intensive Interaction‘ … to illuminate and usefully understand how and why so many people, from so many backgrounds, have come to use our approach with the people they care for and support.

I think that this is going to be our most person and practitioner ‘centred’ conference yet!

We think this conference will hold great appeal across all our potential delegates i.e. parents and carers (including family carers), support staff, teachers and other teaching staff, Speech & Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, LD nurses, clinical psychologists and various other interested professionals.

This conference, like all our previous conferences, sets out to fulfil three major purposes, these being:

1. The conference disseminates useful (no, vital) Intensive Interaction knowledge and understandings which will be of interest to the many people who now use our approach. We always try to put on a broad and balanced set of presentations, with useful insights into the use of Intensive Interaction across a range of care, support, teaching and therapeutic contexts (with both children and adults) … and this year’s presenters will certainly fulfil that purpose: they are a fantastic group of committed individuals who are willing to share their Intensive Interaction ‘lived’ experiences and insights with us all.

2. The conference is our Intensive Interaction community’s annual get-together to network and catch up with other practitioners and hear all their news and stories (the REMO ‘virtual conference platform’ that we use is brilliant for this). We always get a wide range of great people who attend – and I think it is the breadth and quality of our delegates that makes our Intensive Interaction conferences so fantastic; I’m sure this one will be no different.

3. The conference also serves the nurturing function of bringing through some of the next generation of our ‘Intensive Interaction Community of Practice‘ i.e. delegates moving from being novice attendees to then becoming presenters and/or conference chairs – and we have several of our speakers evidencing just such a ‘journey’ this time around.

So, this year’s conference has ten insightful and interesting speakers presenting on their personal, family or professional journeys into Intensive Interaction. The lessons we can all learn from hearing about their journeys will, I think, enable us all to gain a better understanding of how to make Intensive Interaction more accessible to all those many people who will benefit from it.

I really hope you can join us!

To book your place go to: https://www.intensiveinteraction.org/whats-on/conferences/conference-2022/

p.s. Book your place by Friday 6th May to enjoy an ‘early booking’ discount price!

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